Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2019

NGS Super announced the winners of the 2019 NGS Super Scholarship Awards, five of which are from NSW and four of them are members of the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch. Congratulations to all the worthy recipients. Starting in 2019, the tooling allowance for a carpenter will be $36 per week and, in other cases, $20 per week. The NSW Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Learning today wrote a letter to employees working in early learning centres thanking them for their work in early childhood education in the uncertain times created by COVID-19. She also attached a letter she wrote to the Minister of Early Learning, Sarah Mitchell, to remember that COVID-19 has an impact on the NSW area of early learning during early childhood. Applications for experienced teachers close on Friday, August 23, 2019. New research has shown that high-quality early childhood education programs can influence life outcomes over generations. The expansion of early childhood education in Australia, to allow all children to access a structured and play-based early learning program in the year prior to school, must be a universal access policy. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced the partial reopening of schools by May 11. But are schools ready to reopen and, as the Prime Minister has said, our children`s education is really on hold? IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary, Mark Northam, advises on what a safe and orderly transition would be, and explains what Leading Education Researcher Professor John Hattie really has to say about the impact of distance learning. They have been saying this for years, and it seems that governments are finally listening. The federal laboratory has committed to a $1.75 billion preschool education program for three-year-olds if elected.

We have compiled a shortlist of books for teachers and students who cover Voice`s NAIDOC 2019 topics. The contract. The truth. The Union is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Christian Schools Australia (CSA) … For universities without an enterprise agreement (EA)… Bill Shorten last night presented Labor`s 2019 budget response to Parliament, a document that frames the upcoming general election as a battle for wages, education and health. Celebrate Education Assistance Staff Day in your school on June 14th! The IEU and the New Zealand Education Union (NZEI TE RIU ROA) have teamed up for this important annual event. The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Support Staff 2019 conference is closed for Friday, August 23. Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association President Liz Stuart has sent a letter to EURI President Chris Wilkinson in support of the union actions taken by IUE members in response to the CCER`s refusal to include an effective compromise clause in their recent enterprise agreement. The IEU has formally called for an independent review of national funding schemes that help all children access quality education in the year prior to full-time schooling.

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