Ubc Non Disclosure Agreement

The university recognizes that Mitacs partners may wish to have security about their rights and access to intellectual property developed during the Mitacs project. To this end, UILO has developed a standardised agreement with the option of the acs agreement. Under this agreement, Mitacs projects are funded by UBC through a UBC-Mitacs Direct Funding Agreement, managed by UBC`s Office of Research Services. A direct agreement between UBC and the company supporting the Mitacs Project (the “Mitacs Funding Partner”) is therefore generally not necessary. Before accessing personal or confidential/sensitive information from UBC, anyone who is not employed by UBC must declare himself ready to protect all information he may have access to and to comply with B.C data protection laws. To do so, they must sign a Security and Confidentiality Agreement (SACA) or any other agreement with equivalent requirements. I recognize that in the event of a violation of the company`s violation and the UBC agreement, UBC is entitled to seek an injunction and an injunction from a competent court to prohibit the disclosure of such information by me in order to protect its rights and property, as noted above. The head of the academic or administrative department responsible for supervising the contractor or accessing the information must ensure that the SACA is concluded and signed by the contractor and keeps a copy of it. It is not necessary for a UBC representative to sign the SACA. You will find information on the conclusion of the endorsement in the standard agreement. In signing the job offer, I write that I have read and understood this confidentiality agreement and that I agree to stick to it.

Thank you for providing the details of the mutual confidentiality agreement. 1. endorsement. Use this agreement where: I agree that my rights and obligations arising from this agreement will survive the end of my employment by UBC Hiring Solutions. A SACA is only required if the person has access to personal or otherwise confidential/sensitive information. In some situations, existing funds that UBC has received from a research partner may be eligible through Mitacs support programs. Mitacs` terms and conditions require that Mitacs` partner`s contribution to the Mitacs Prize be sent to Mitacs before being paid to the investigator via UBC. Therefore, the UBC auditor should be aware that the transfer of funds from UBC to Mitacs is considered an effort and the corresponding indirect cost rate is deducted from the funds upon the transfer. Mitacs may collect additional taxes and fees in addition to appropriate funds.

The following forms and templates are available for download. l) information about students, teachers, clients or UBC staff. Changes to these standard conditions are only acceptable in exceptional cases. . I recognize and agree that this information is the exclusive property of UBC or such a related party and that the information could be used to the detriment of UBC. Therefore, I undertake to keep all this information confidential and not to disclose this information to a person during the duration of my employment under this agreement (unless necessary for the proper performance of my work obligations) or at any time following the termination date of my employment relationship.

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