.net Framework License Agreement

14. CERTIFICATE OF LICENCE. If you purchased the software on a disk or other medium, your license certificate is the true Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity, with the original product key associated with the purchase document. If you purchased and downloaded the software online, your license is the real Microsoft product key to the software you received with your purchase and proof of purchase from an authorized electronic provider of real Microsoft software. Proof of purchase can be verified by your dealer`s records. For more information on identifying real Microsoft software, see www.howtotell.com. I`ll try to see if I find this file at home (since the administrator wants to know the license before installing the software), otherwise I will send you an email. In any case, thank you very much for the help. Microsoft Managed Code Frameworks and their components are licensed as follows: Your question is not clear – if you say “with the. Net-Framework (inside the ZIP file)” I guess you`re talking about the redistributable package and not the ziped-up frame itself. Although Microsoft has never implemented the full framework on a system with the exception of Microsoft Windows, it has developed the framework as a multiplatform,[28] and implementations are available for other operating systems (see Silverlight and , alternative implementations). Microsoft communicated CLI specifications (including CTS and CIL main class libraries), [29][31][31] C,[32] and C-CLI[33] and provided them as official standards.

This allows third parties to create compatible implementations of the framework and its languages on other platforms. 8. THIRD-PARTY PACKAGE MANAGER AND SOFTWARE INSTALLATION FUNCTIONS. The software contains the following features (each of which is a “feature”) that allows you to get software applications or packages over the Internet from other sources: Extension Manager, Dialogue New Project, Web Platform Installer, Microsoft NuGet-Based Package Manager and Microsoft`s package manager function ASP.NET Web Pages. These software applications and feature plans are offered and distributed in some cases by third parties and in some cases by Microsoft, but each application or package of this type will be granted to you under its own conditions. Microsoft does not distribute or grant you any of the third-party apps or packages, but allows them to use the features as a convenience to access or receive these third-party apps or packages directly from third-party apps or packages. By using the features, you recognize and accept that .NET Framework is the predominant implementation of . NET technologies. Other implementations for parts of the framework are available.

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