Ironworker Epsca Agreement

The declaration and destination form describes collective agreements and wage plans in place in the area in which the work is performed. Form B → provisions of collective agreements does not apply; Contractors are required to comply with the terms of these agreements while working on Hydro One sites. There are currently 18 (18) collective agreements of the Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA). These agreements are negotiated and managed by EPSCA on behalf of Hydro One and its contractors. Contractors are required to comply with the terms of these EPSCA agreements while working at Hydro One sites. You will find the following agreements and their compensation plans on the EPSCA website: Since then, we have continued negotiations and reached an agreement approved by the negotiating committee. Our business manager recommends that we accept the agreement. In addition, no one can vote on the EPSCA agreement above the GF rank. The Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA) was founded in 1972. The Association negotiates and manages construction collective agreements on behalf of employers who are construction work on the bulk electrical system on Ontario Power Generation Inc., Bruce Power LP and Hydro One Property. As a result, members will be able to screen the MOAs for the period 2020-2025 and the vote will take place on Monday, May 4, 2020 at two separate sites, as shown below. Explore work requirements for wages and collective agreements for OPG suppliers and partners.

OPG also has a collective agreement with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Communication to all workers working under the EPSCA agreement in 2020: copies of the Ironworker EPSCA MOA (Memorandum of Understanding) will be available by email on election day or at the request of Luiz Barros. In addition, you can contact all business agents or shop stewards at Darlington/Pickering for a copy. In addition to EPSCA, OPG has collective agreements directly with two construction unions (BTU) that require contractors to comply with working conditions at OPG sites. If the CEF finds that the work must be completed as Form B, the contractor is not required to comply with the provisions of the collective agreements, but must pay a “fair” rate of pay, as described in the Form B communication.

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