With great success, we can treat these problems: spinal and peripheral joint functional disorders, inter vertebral disc spurs, root syndrome, Lumbo sciatica syndrome – LIS, Cerviko brachial syndrome – CBS, Vertebro algic syndrome – VAS, Impingement branch syndrome, instability in knee, ankle and shoulder.

We pay great attention to the treatment of root syndrome (nerve root compression), where I use combination of Lewit manual therapy, McKenzie method, applied Vojt method and senso-motor exercises.

The treatment of these conditions takes place in several stages and the duration of treatment depends on the duration of the persistent difficulties, the physical condition of the individual and any other changes on the locomotory system. On average, there are 1 – 4 visits in the shortest possible time period and by agreement additional visits over a longer period of time.

Price: 800 CZK for 50  minutes